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CoQ10 Ubiquinone (30-Day Supply)
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  • 200mg of potent Coenzyme Q-10
  • Increases cellular energy and defense***
  • Promotes a strong heart muscle
  • Vegan-friendly, all-natural ingredients

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CoQ10 Ubiquinone (30-Day Supply) - Reviews

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The best in vaue and quality!

I have taken many various brands/formula of CoQ10. This is the best both in value and quality so far. It gives me more energy than other brands that I actually have used.

Andrei - Acton, Massachusetts
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Easy to swallow

More value and even better product. It’s easy to swallow. It's my favorite brand for Co Q10.

Cristine - San Diego, Californi
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improved my numbers!

I needed to bring my numbers down a lot of so i made a decision to take a daily CoQ10 supplement. I take one in the morning together with my daily multi-vitamin. After a couple of days my numbers started dropping a lot of, within a week an evident difference! Now my readings are consistently below 120!! They average around 118/68!!!

Lilly - Austin, Texas
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Fast acting!

After taking CoQ10, I immediately feel the difference. I was advised to take this because I'm constantly having a high blood pressure. Just after 2 days my blood pressure are back to normal. I am super excited! I even take a picture of my reading this morning! I’m determined to stay these simple things as a part of my daily routine. My doctor was very surprised and in fact he wants to see me in a few months simply to observe me. But he said to keep up the good work!"

Dea - San Jose, California
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decent price for the value!

I’m a registered nurse and very meticulous about supplements like vitamins, herbs and alternative supplements. This product is very good in my opinion.  It's a decent price for the great value you get.

Monica - Louisville, Kentucky
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very pleased!

I am very pleased with this product and believe I’m obtaining healthy advantages from taking it. 

Mommy5 - Chicago, Illinois
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Improved my bp!

I have noticed an improvement in my blood pressure after just a week of using this product, I’m very happy with the results and i have had no side effects.

Jen - Arden-Arcade, Califo
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keeps my cholesterol and blood pressure in normal levels!

I cannot take statins so my doctor prescribed this for me. It extremely keeps my cholesterol in control and helps with my blood pressure also.

Mary Jane - Kansas City, Missou
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Good CoQ10!

Purchased these for my sister with Huntington's disease. She claims to see an apparent difference in her cognitive functions and attributes it to taking the CoQ10.  The pill is easy to swallow, that is very important for someone with her symptoms.

Omar - Charlotte, North Car
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Thank you Health labs Nutra!

My doctor recently recommended that I take CoQ10 to help boost this seventy five year old body.  I actually have been taking this product for almost a month and i can say its working.  I’m not a big pill taker and thank God i do not have to take very many. I feel this product helps me a lot and i will continue to take it. Thank you Health Labs Nutra. ??

Peter - Charlotte, North Car
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