Vitamin B12 Complex Drops (60-Day Supply)

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Vitamin B12 Complex Drops (60-Day Supply)

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Product Description

Vitamin B12: The Natural Energy & Brain Booster Your Body Craves

Boost your energy levels, combat fogginess and improve memory retention with just one dropper full a day! If you’re constantly fatigued at home or work, there’s a good chance you’re living with a vitamin B12 deficiency. The good news? With a simple B12 supplement, you can drastically improve your body’s natural energy levels, mental clarity and concentration–without having to rely on caffeine or toxic energy drinks!

Product Features:

Each serving or full dropper (1 ml) of Health Labs Nutra Vitamin B12 Complex gives 1,200mcg of Vitamin B12, 1.7mg of Riboflavin (B2), 20mg of Niacin, 3mg of Vitamin B6 and 20mg of Pantothenic Acid. This essential Vitamin B Complex is a critical component of brain cells and nerve tissues and is associated with energy metabolism, immunity function and regulation of stress levels and sleep patterns.

A critical supplement for older people who are particularly prone to a B12 deficiency.

Small and convenient bottle fits easily in your purse, pocket or glove box, making it simple to use on the go.

Unlike pills or capsules that often have key nutrients destroyed by stomach acid, our easy-to-use B12 drops are immediately absorbed under the tongue (sublingually), so your body gets more nutritional value.

Manufactured in the United States at an FDA-registered facility, and every batch is always third-party tested to ensure freshness, purity and potency.

Why Take Vitamin B12 Complex Drops?

In addition to B12’s fantastic energy and brain-boosting properties, it’s also a core nutrient in maintaining overall nervous system, cardiovascular and digestive health. Looking to feel your best self every day?

Health Labs Nutra’s advanced B12 drop formula helps:

Supports a healthy nervous system

Supports cardiovascular health

Helps prevent memory loss

Increases energy levels

Improves mood

Helps produce red blood cells and prevent anemia

Supports healthy skin and hair

Supports a healthy digestive system

How Important is Vitamin B12 in our Over-all Health?

Vitamin B12 plays a key role in maintaining overall health and is vital to keeping your body in peak physical condition. However, it can be difficult to regularly obtain the amount of B12 your body needs through diet, alone. That’s where a daily supplement comes in. In addition to poor nutrition, if you have stomach problems or HIV; or are on a vegan diet, pregnant, or elderly, you’re more susceptible to B12 deficiency and should strongly consider using a daily B12 supplement. If left untreated, serious B12 deficiency can lead to anemia, severe fatigue, stomach and intestinal issues, depression, and even permanent nerve damage.

The Best Way to Naturally Boost Energy & Brain Function

Because B12 is needed to convert carbohydrates into glucose–a form of energy used by your body–a lack of it can result in fatigue, sluggishness and decreased memory. By taking a daily B12 supplement, you should experience a noticeable boost in energy levels, your ability to concentrate, improved memory recall and cognitive function. It’s the best way to make it through the day without drinking harmful energy drinks or loads of caffeine! Maintain Optimal Nervous System, Cardiovascular and Digestive Health. B12 aids in your body’s ability to produce healthy red blood and skin cells and plays a key role in helping your nervous system function properly. It’s also vital to reducing homocysteine levels in the cardiovascular system, which studies have shown to be a major risk factor in the development of heart disease. Because it’s a major contributor in cell and digestive enzyme reproduction, you’ll also notice healthier skin and hair, as well as digestive function (less nausea, cramping, diarrhea and constipation).

Get Your 60-Day Supply of B12 Complex Liquid Drops!

One 1ml dropper full a day of our potent, easy-to-use liquid formula is all you need to start achieving noticeable improvements in energy, mental clarity and overall health and wellness. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results you see after just 30 days, we’ll happily refund your purchase price–no questions asked. Ready to eliminate fatigue and fogginess for good, plus improve your general health and well-being? Order your 60-day supply of Health Labs Nutra Vitamin B12 Complex Drops today!