About Us

Health Labs Nutra™ Delivers Quality Herbal and Nutritional Supplements

Since our doors opened in 2010, our mission has been to deliver the finest nutritional supplements that are so effective, you’ll never have to wonder if they’re working for you. We want you to SEE and FEEL the health benefits every day!

Guaranteed Pure Vitamins and Supplements

Every supplement offered by Health Labs Nutra is developed and vetted out by a staff of physicians, PhDs, nutritionists and individuals with decades of experience in product formulation.

To bring that formula to life, Health Labs Nutra complies with the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) in a number of ways. We establish stringent specifications for all raw materials and finished products. Each specification includes well-defined criteria for appearance, identity, potency and microbial purity, as well as potential contaminants, when needed. We conduct extensive testing for raw materials, in-process materials and finished products to assure these specifications are met.

Health Labs Nutra sources all raw materials to ensure quality specifications are met. We control the sourcing of our raw materials so we know exactly who the supplier is. We put our suppliers through a qualification and approval process, which indicates how strictly they are following applicable GMP guidelines. By knowing our suppliers and developing relationships with them, we better control the quality of materials we source from them.

Quality Meets Quality Control

Because all of our products are made right here in the United States, we are able to put strict process controls in place to ensure manufacturing specifications are met. We have highly detailed instructions in our batch records and master manufacturing records, outlining precisely which steps are to be followed and in what order. In addition to in-process identity confirmation testing, there are double verifications performed at critical control points in the manufacturing process.

These verifications are performed at the inventory stage, at the blending stage, at the encapsulation stage as well as at the packaging/finished product stage. We also have double verifications to exclude any potential metal contamination from finished products.

CGMPs also require that when supplements are tested for identity, potency, purity and contaminants, the proper testing method be used. If we are unable to perform a particular test method in house, we will outsource testing to a variety of qualified and approved third-party labs to ensure the most appropriate methods are used for the parameter being tested. Thus, we always use scientifically valid methods.

Finally, there is extensive involvement and approval of Health Labs Nutra’ Quality Control and Quality Assurance groups at every step of the sourcing, testing, manufacturing and product release stages. From a dietary supplement GMP perspective, every major decision point in the sourcing and manufacturing process is required to have Quality make the final disposition decision. We implement that at every stage. If Quality objects to something, the process does not move forward until those objections are resolved.

Above and Beyond What’s Required

To ensure it is complying with all CGMP regulations, Health Labs Nutra works with NSF, which conducts independent, third-party testing and certification. This is not required through the GMP specifications.

NSF auditing of Health Labs Nutra’ manufacturing facilities and production processes are conducted routinely. With third-party registration through NSF, Health Labs Nutra has the proper facilities and controls in place at each step of the process to meet dietary supplement GMP requirements. The fact that Health Labs Nutra operates under NSF oversight also speaks to the high quality of the product development and manufacturing operation.

Health Labs Nutra Offers You Value

Great health should never be difficult to achieve—and we strive to make it as easy as possible. You’ve already read about how Health Labs Nutra’ vitamins and supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients and are rigorously tested for purity.

Health Labs Nutra will never skip on quality, but we do want our customers to get the best value possible. As a thank you for shopping with us, we offer affordable prices, discounts on multiple bottle orders and frequent sales. And since great health should never have to wait, your order will ship the very next business day.

Our 100% Unconditional Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction

We love hearing stories from you about how Health Labs Nutra vitamins and supplements helped you achieve better health! At Health Labs Nutra, we really do care—and we stand by our products. If you’re ever dissatisfied for any reason at all, send us back the unused portion and we’ll be happy to give you a full refund.

That’s right! You must SEE and FEEL the difference Health Labs Nutra supplements are making for you—or you pay nothing. You won’t find a better guarantee anywhere!

Making a Choice That is Right For You!

Not sure which of our more than 30 nutritional supplements is right for YOU? Don’t worry! Our dedicated team of health professionals is available 24/7 to answer your questions. Just contact [email protected] or call 1-877-764-0425 today.

Health Labs Nutra Takes You Beyond Ordinary Health Supplements To Results You Can SEE and FEEL!