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Vitamin C With Rose Hips

1000mg | 100 Tablets

Support Overall Health with Time Released Vitamin C with Rose Hips.**

  • Maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth, and gums
  • Enhanced with added rose hips and bioflavonoids
  • Vegetarian / vegan
  • Aids in collagen (connective tissue) formation

Vitamin C With Rose Hips

1000mg | 100 Tablets

Support Overall Health with Time Released Vitamin C with Rose Hips.**

  • Maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth, and gums
  • Enhanced with added rose hips and bioflavonoids
  • Vegetarian / vegan
  • Aids in collagen (connective tissue) formation

Product Description

Develop a rock-solid system, glowing skin, and a healthy circulatory system with just one fast-acting tablet a day!***

Vitamin C has been hailed as a “miracle nutrient” since its wide array of health-boosting benefits was first discovered. Unfortunately, studies show that less than 20% of people get the recommended nine servings per day. Because it can be difficult to consume a large number of fruits and vegetables your body needs each day, taking a Vitamin C supplement is an excellent way to make up for lost nutrients!

Product Highlights

Maximum Strength Vitamin C Formula contains 1,000mg of Pure Ascorbic Acid

Enhanced with the addition of rose hips and citrus bioflavonoids from five different fruits that increase your body’s ability to absorb Vitamin C.

Provides powerful antioxidant support against cell-damaging free radicals supports optimal health function and promotes overall cardiovascular health

Helps boost the synthesis of collagen which is essential for healthy skin and blood vessels

Why Take Vitamin C?

In addition to its fantastic health-boosting properties, Vitamin C also provides the following benefits:

Boosts mood

Promotes healthy, lustrous skin

Encourages new tissue growth

Supports healthy vision

Helps lower cholesterol***

Improves circulation

Promotes healthy skin, joints, and gums

Supports cardiovascular health

An Effective Mood Stabilizer

Because Vitamin C is adept at protecting your brain from the damaging effects of stress and also helps regulate serotonin levels, users often find themselves in a better overall mood when incorporating a supplement into their daily regimen.***


The Solution to Skin Problems***

From acne to reducing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity, Vitamin C’s effects on the skin are wide-reaching. ***Although its benefits to skin health are usually secondary for most users many people take Vitamin C supplements just for this reason


Helps Treat the Common Cold***

The question of whether or not Vitamin C prevents colds has long been debated. However, taking a daily supplement absolutely can reduce the severity of symptoms and decrease the duration of a cold. ***








Improves Poor Circulation***

Because Vitamin C helps dilate blood vessels, it’s highly effective at improving circulation. This is especially helpful for people with angina or congestive heart failure. ***

It’s even been known to help reduce the appearance of varicose and spider veins.***










Supports Bone Health

Our bones can’t stay strong without new collagen, and vitamin C plays an essential role in the body’s collagen production. As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C has the ability to suppress bone-destroying cells called osteoclasts, while also stimulating the cells which build bones. Vitamin C plays an important role in preventing both fragile bones and the resulting fractures which are often seen in the aging population.

The Health Labs Difference

Although many leading supplements contain 500mg or less of Vitamin C, our extra-strength formula contains 1,000mg of potent Vitamin C for all your body’s needs.
Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients we depend on and a prolonged lack of it can lead to serious long-term consequences.
If you struggle to get your recommended servings every day, or simply want to boost your overall circulatory and heart health – don’t wait.


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Good source of ascorbic acid

I'm a repeat customer of Health Labs Nutra. I have been very pleased with the variety, quality and price of their supplements, the Extra Strength Vitamin C with Rose Hips has been no exception.  It is an 1000mg pill, which means it is large but I find it easy to swallow. It has been of great support to my Immune System. Thanks!


great product, works well

I needed this badly and it did arrive on time. The quality of this vitamin C is great, just as my friend has said. I have taken it daily with my other vitamins and feel that they are a good quality. Will definitely buy again.


Simply the best

Happy I got this product. It has surprisingly given me more energy for exercises in the morning and it's been great on my skin. Also, while everyone in the house has come down with a flu, I am the only one who has not. :) I would recommend this product to anyone.


Great Vitamin C!

Bought this product for a friend, and he's confessed to having more energy due to taking them. I'll recommend this vitamin C ahead of others


Good Quality

Size isn't really a problem for me because I always take mine with food. It's better for me that way.  It kinda tricks your throat into opening better than trying with a liquid. Another thing I like is that it doesn't have an after taste and no burping. Great ingredient list and quality vitamin.